We transform Early Help and Early Intervention services, improving outcomes and therefore improving lives. Spend more time on the things that matter and let the Collate System deal with everything else.

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We offer a truly unique set of services and solutions. Our systems can be adopted by any team involved in early intervention, children’s or adults social care. The Collate System will fundamentally transform the way your services are delivered.

The power of the system means it can be adapted to meet your unique requirements and can be extended to accommodate your full variety of teams, from Early Help, Health, Education, Social Care and beyond.

The Collate System identifies the challenges ahead, drives operational effectiveness, improves safeguarding and multi-agency working all whilst providing innovative and pioneering ways to track and improve outcomes through the use of data.

Delivering public services in an age of perennial budget reductions means forming strategic partnerships with companies that can adapt their solutions as fast as new challenges arise. Collate Systems offer unique and unrivalled expertise in transforming services and then updating our systems at whatever frequency is required to ensure they are aligned with your services.

There are other ways and then there is the Collate way.

“Collate was implemented for us in April 2015 and it has been a very positive experience all round.

The system is intuitive and guides users through the process quickly and easily. It flows well and all of this removes any barriers users may have had to recording data on a database.

The engagement module allows all contact and attempted contact to be recorded automatically, instantly providing a record of the efforts made to reach families. In case management module there is a clear record of all work undertaken with a family, and this can be reported on at a click of a button.

The reporting tools are superb and provides easily understandable performance data swiftly, allowing staff to spend more time with the families they support.”

Pam Vaughan-Roberts

Children’s Social Care and Learning

Buckinghamshire County Council

Children's Centre Solution

Childrens Centre Solution

Integrated Early Help

Integrated Early Help
Cole Heath
Kings Heath

Create a truly mobile workforce through the Collate System. Our approach of ‘the right device at the right time’ means case workers can complete notes on the road, team members can check their commitments on a mobile phone and families and carers can register for services on tablet devices. The Collate System provides a remarkable set of tools for the remarkable challenges we face.

The collaboration and productivity tools built in to the Collate System mean that teams working across disparate locations can quickly and easily be brought together to deliver shared goals and visions. The communication features allow for idea and best practice sharing and for unlocking of the rivers of untapped potential within your teams.

The Collate System has been developed to track and monitor outcomes in compelling and flexible ways. Demonstrating your impact, evidencing your work and being prepared for outside inspections is just a single click away.

We understand the need for local authorities to make ever greater use of the data that is available to them. We have created the most cutting edge of methods for accessing data and turning it into easy to understand information that decisions are based upon. The Collate System doesn’t just show you where you’ve been, it shows you where to go next and how to get there.

We know that successful early intervention starts with dedicated people. That’s why our software comes with a range of powerful tools to help teams and organisations safeguard the children and families they are responsible for.

We pride ourselves on delivering a level of service and support to a customers that they have not experienced from other providers in the past. We are so much more than a software provider to our customers – we are a valued resource that can be relied upon and counted on to actively contribute to what you are aiming to achieve.