A remarkable end to end case management solution for Family Support, Family Resilience, CAF, Troubled Family Programmes, Social Care and Early Help and Early Intervention Teams.
Case Management

The entire application has been built in consultation with practitioners, and professionals who know what they need and know they haven’t been getting it from other software providers. The Collate System has a beautiful set of design principles that make it a pleasure to use, with only the smallest amount of learning.

The entire cycle of a case has been thought through and designed to save time, reduce stress, improve reporting and demonstrate outcomes clearly. From the first point of a case being referred, the Collate System is on hand to govern communications, arrange appointments, log case notes and files and track outcomes. When it’s time to close the case, let the system take care of the number crunching and evidence creation as you access a series of powerful reports.

Identify the needs of the people you are working with and let the system make suggestions about the most likely outcomes to be achieved. Naturally you can add your own outcomes as well. The state of art analysis engine will provide data on the outcomes you are achieving, the outcomes you are hoping to achieve and the times you have fallen short. Use this massive new resource of data to shape services into the future.

“The case management features within the Collate System has completely transformed the way we deliver our casework. It has saved us time and made reporting a lot easier. Thank you Collate Systems!”

Katie Birrane

Multi-Agency Working

Communication and partnership working are propelled forward as other agencies instantly and securely refer cases to your teams. Contact between teams is logged and tracked with notifications and alarms triggered if cases are not handled within agreed timescales.

Important communication with the agencies involved with a case can be easily logged and tracked. Contacts with agencies can be mapped to the needs of the people you are working with, in support of how outcomes are being delivered. Sit back whilst the Collate System integrates these communications into the overall chronology of a case and presents them back as evidence in compelling ways.

Take a tablet device to a case review and securely access your case notes. Or go one further and use the productivity tools to invite other agencies to a review meeting. The Collate System will take care of showing how the reviews are linked to the needs of the case and also for ensuring that a clear action plan evolves from any review.

“We’ve used a number of different children’s centre software products in the past and there is simply nothing else like the Collate System available. It completely meets our needs.”

Cara Atkinson


Find the children and families involved in cases within seconds and use the powerful case management tools to understand the exact nature of the services that have been delivered.

A truly remarkable innovation – the safeguarding chronology automatically captures the exact time, date and staff member that has been involved with the case. This information is presented back in a way that makes service delivery easier as well as acting as hard evidence for inspections, demonstrating outcomes, case reviews or court proceedings.

Use a powerful set of configurable triggers and early warning alarms to raise attention to cases that may require extra resources or have risk levels. The Collate System can mine the available data for you and present back the information you need, when you need it.

Find, export and print comprehensive case studies of the services that have been delivered to families. Choose from a range of incredibly wide range of options to determine the detail and depth of what you see in the case study, from basic facts, through to every piece of information ever recorded. All available within a handful of clicks.

Make It Your Own

All Collate Systems can be fully customised to meet your specific needs. No reliance on other users of our software. No compromises. The needs of your teams and your situations will be unique to you and your software should be too. As part of the implementation we’ll take time to understand your requirements and will tailor your Collate System to be right for you. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get other people’s customisation in your software! Our unique development methodology allows us to tailor each customers system to meet their individual circumstances.

We employ a powerful concept referred to as ‘managed fields’. This means that wherever there is a drop down box, pick from list, or selection within the system, you can define exactly what appears on the screen. This gives you complete flexibility to grow the system and keep it current and aligned with your goals and needs.

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Productivity & Performance

Create a truly mobile workforce by accessing the Collate System on PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Imagine just how more can be achieved if your teams can access the information they need, when they need it. Whether it be accessing critical information in a review meeting, or updating case files on the move, the Collate System empowers teams to achieve more with ever dwindling resources.

Galvanise and motivate teams in multiple locations to share a common vision and achieve shared goals with the powerful and sophisticated collaboration and productivity suite.

Encourage best practice and the sharing of the most important ideas with the communication and tracking tools built into the system. Your teams are your greatest asset – let the Collate System deliver their true potential.

Understand how teams and individuals are allocating their time and how this critical resources is being used to deliver outcomes. Managers can command a greater understanding of what is happening with their teams to reduce any safeguarding failings due to sickness or unplanned absence.

Tasks, meetings, appointments and other bookings can be linked to the cases you are working on and the lives you are changing. This provides a consistent view of work being carried out and allows for evidencing how activities link to final outcomes.


Our case management software comes with more than 60 reports out of the box – allowing you to gain rich insights on all aspects of service delivery from caseloads, geography of cases, demographics, outcomes, workloads and partnership working. However, Collate Systems offers a unique service – you can reconfigure any of our reports, saving them as you, building up a library of analysis that reflects what you need to know.

Allow service users to provide feedback about the quality of your interventions. The Collate System will take care of the analysis of the data and ensure that it is available to instantly for review in powerful, yet easy to understand ways.

Our reporting suite has been designed to provide a ‘bird’s eye view’ of what is happening, but also be robust enough to zoom into the tiniest of details to substantiate the work that is being carried out. Never worry about an inspection or stakeholder visit again with the sheer range and depth of analysis that the Collate System generates automatically for you.