Why Collate
Collate Systems are the only software provider that can say all of the following about our solutions. We provide the software needed to deliver and improve outcomes.
Why Collate

Collate Systems was founded by Martyn Allan, who spent a number of years working with children’s centres, early help teams and local authorities helping them to increase OFSTED readiness, accurately measure the effectiveness of their services and improve processes for gathering evidence and tracking outcomes. This critical understanding of how ‘the real world’ works is evident in our software systems today.

We have an incredibly exciting roadmap for how our software can add even more value. That’s why when you start working with us, you’ll be invited to be an active stakeholder in where we go next. We don’t have a monopoly on good ideas and we work in partnership with our customers to deliver the best solutions possible.

We understand the power of technology and the benefits of early intervention. When a customer puts their faith in our solutions, we make sure we deliver a first class product and a first class service to go with it because you believe in what you’re doing and so do we.

All Collate System solutions can be fully tailored to meet your exact needs. You’ll no longer be held back because other people don’t have the same needs as you! Whether it be our Children’s Centre solution, or our powerful case management tools, your Collate System will be sculpted to meet your exact needs and solve your unique problems.

You’ll be able to keep your system up to date with any internal changes with our unique and sophisticated configuration tools and administration module. This means you’ll never be waiting on us in order for you to make timely changes to your Collate System.

The Collate System creates a substantial fall in paperwork, meaning less people are involved in administration work. Staff are empowered through the system to spend more time delivering services and need less time on the things holding them back.

A Few More Things You Might Like To Know

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can get things done – whether it’s developing a dedicated module for you or implementing the entire system we have the expertise, knowledge and ability to deliver on time and on budget.

As we build and shape the Collate System we continually ask ourselves how our software will save time, increase productivity, reduce costs, deliver better services and improve outcomes. When you start working with us you will see how this laser like focus is delivered.

To our customers, we are so much more than a software provider. We are trusted resource that can be relied upon and counted on. We pride ourselves on listening and responding to changing needs. Our systems are designed to grow with you and we’ll be on hand to offer expert advice about how to get the best return for your investment.

Technology and software that is poorly designed or is no longer fit for purpose is a huge drain on productivity, resources and motivation. That’s why all our solutions are simple to use and we use the most cutting edge of technologies to constantly improve them. When software is done well it can save time, increase productivity, reduce costs – in fact, the possibilities of what it can achieve are almost unlimited.

We are unashamedly proud about the power of the Collate System and all that it delivers for children and young people. Our customers feel the same way too. At the core of our development cycle is an active and ongoing dialogue with our users about how to make things better. Our ability to respond to feedback quickly ensures that all users feel part of the journey and play a role in improving services for all.

The Collate System will almost certainly address your needs. But there’s one thing you need to know about us: We won’t stop until you have the right solution. If that means customising the system to address specific local considerations within your authority, then that’s what we’ll do.

Benefits Of Collate Systems

Create a truly mobile workforce through the Collate System. Our approach of ‘the right device at the right time’ means case workers can complete notes on the road, team members can check their commitments on a mobile phone and families and carers can register for services on tablet devices. The Collate System provides a remarkable set of tools for the remarkable challenges we face.

The collaboration and productivity tools built in to the Collate System mean that teams working across disparate locations can quickly and easily be brought together to deliver shared goals and visions. The communication features allow for idea and best practice sharing and for unlocking of the rivers of untapped potential within your teams.

The Collate System has been developed to track and monitor outcomes in compelling and flexible ways. Demonstrating your impact, evidencing your work and being prepared for outside inspections is just a single click away.

We understand the need for local authorities to make ever greater use of the data that is available to them. We have created the most cutting edge of methods for accessing data and turning it into easy to understand information that decisions are based upon. The Collate System doesn’t just show you where you’ve been, it shows you where to go next and how to get there.

We know that successful early intervention starts with dedicated people. That’s why our software comes with a range of powerful tools to help teams and organisations safeguard the children and families they are responsible for.

We pride ourselves on delivering a level of service and support to a customers that they have not experienced from other providers in the past. We are so much more than a software provider to our customers – we are a valued resource that can be relied upon and counted on to actively contribute to what you are aiming to achieve.

The Collate System uses the most modern of technologies to extend your ability to communicate and engage with your families. An outstanding set of tools allow for communications to triggered when key conditions are met and a powerful set of measurements are available to assess the effectiveness of your engagement.

Let the Collate System crunch the numbers for you with through the ability to capture, log and analyse a full range of feedback and responses from service users. Spend less time performing analysis and more time shaping future services based on hard evidence.

The depth and range of evidence that the Collate System is able to produce is truly remarkable. Answer questions as quickly as you can think of them with industry leading reporting suite and produce comprehensive case studies that can be used for OFSTED and other inspections with a single click.

  • “Collate was implemented for us in April 2015 and it has been a very positive experience all round.

    The system is intuitive and guides users through the process quickly and easily. It flows well and all of this removes any barriers users may have had to recording data on a database.

    The engagement module allows all contact and attempted contact to be recorded automatically, instantly providing a record of the efforts made to reach families. In case management module there is a clear record of all work undertaken with a family, and this can be reported on at a click of a button.

    The reporting tools are superb and provides easily understandable performance data swiftly, allowing staff to spend more time with the families they support.”

    Pam Vaughan-Roberts
    Children’s Social Care and Learning - Buckinghamshire County Council
  • We’ve used a number of different children’s centre software products in the past and there is simply nothing else like the Collate System available. It completely meets our needs.

    Cara Atkinson
    Locality Manager
  • The case management features within the Collate System has completely transformed the way we deliver our casework. It has saved us time and made reporting a lot easier. Thank you Collate Systems!

    Katie Birrane
    Family Support Co-ordinator
Cole Heath
Kings Heath
Cole Heath
Kings Heath