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Personal Brand and How To Achieve It

This is the same for the information that people will take in from your LinkedIn account. People won’t necessarily remember the data that you present them with, unless it’s directly relevant, but they will remember your personality traits, your story and your preferences. Everyone loves a story about people, emotions, events, a hero, perhaps an obstacle that was overcome.

LinkedIn Social Selling Is Here To Stay – Get Ahead!

Establish credibility & authority. Why should this person give up their time for you? Do you know how many people sell widgets like your product or your service? You’ve got a USP. So what? During this call, you can tell your buyer of all the companies that do business with you, but it’s just words. They might be picking their nose and eating it whilst talking to you and you have no idea what’s stuck and what hasn’t. (in terms of your messages, not his / her nose findings).

LinkedIn Profile Tips and How to Do Them.

Your potential target has been impressed by your picture and headline. It’s great news! They’ve opened your ‘about’ and they are going to pass or act based upon this.

These Are The LinkedIn Settings You Need To Know.

LinkedIn has loads of settings. In practice, you don’t need most of the LinkedIn settings on a day to day basis but having gone through all of them in order to be able to assist our clients, there are a few that are worth bearing in mind.

Gain Business Niche Authority with SEO

Having authority in your niche means that your audience trusts you to be an expert in your own business niche. You have skills and knowledge that you can offer to others – whether for free or as a paid-for service – that people trust in.

Risks and Opportunities of Modern-Day Technology

From the printing press of the 15th century through to driver less cars, there’s been a breath-taking amount of change in technology in the past few hundred years. It can be a challenge just trying to keep up.        There’s no set metric for visually...

Building Brand Awareness with SEO

Good SEO practices will always drive results. This is because it is so effective with building brand awareness. If you’re high up in the search engines, significantly more people will see your brand and proceed to click on your website.

Different Types of Search Queries

An SEO agency will source and establish your keywords with different search queries in mind, and integrate them into your webpages according to each search query’s purpose.

What are Search Intent Modifiers?

And if you provide them with that answer and they trust it, they will then consider you to be a reputable giver of information. Therefore these are the search intentions that build reputation, authority, and trust between consumers and businesses.

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