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Building Credibility

Within the area of social selling, building your authority and credibility stems from:


  • Publishing informative and intelligent content.
  • Making relevant comments on connections posts.
  • Having your profile optimised and attractive to potential buyers

This is based upon the persuasion principle of authority.

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We have a range of technology that listens across a vast range of sources to provide up to the minute market analysis, such as

Where stories are originating from

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Through to

Visualised data

capturing market sentiment over time

visualdata - Building Credibility

We provide a

Dedicated feed of stories

that you can select from and share to your audience demonstrating your expertise and advanced understanding of your market:

storyfeed - Building Credibility
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Additional Content

Our team has the capability of creating professionally edited videos, infographics, e-books, downloadable guides and explainer videos.
This is an optional extra service that attracts additional charges.
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Taking the Guess Work Away

Our systems analyse vast sums of content shared across the web and make recommendations about the best formats, hashtags and times of day to post to maximise results.

The best content to share will typically come from understanding the pain points, questions and concerns that your prospective customers have.
Once you understand these, we can assist you in creating content that addresses these factors. In the buyers mind you begin to be positioned as an expert and trusted source of advice in your field.

Making relevant comments on connections posts.

We can comment on your behalf on your connection’s posts. It’s important that comments represent your voice, knowledge and experience.
For comments we use the ‘PACMAN’ acronym to guide us. All our comments deliver the following:



Our comments are always supportive and positive in nature



For lead generation we do not look to challenge people’s beliefs or stance. We look to support or at least avoid contradiction



The use of questions is a powerful way to create a dialogue between parties and build the foundations of a relationship



The meaning of our comments is intended to be aligned to the narrative of the post that is being commented on


Aligned with



Not all customers wish for us to engage in commenting on their behalf. The service can be adjusted to fit the exact approach desired by you.

You remain in control of your account 100% of the time.

Personal Brand and How To Achieve It

This is the same for the information that people will take in from your LinkedIn account. People won’t necessarily remember the data that you present them with, unless it’s directly relevant, but they will remember your personality traits, your story and your preferences. Everyone loves a story about people, emotions, events, a hero, perhaps an obstacle that was overcome.

LinkedIn Social Selling Is Here To Stay – Get Ahead!

Establish credibility & authority. Why should this person give up their time for you? Do you know how many people sell widgets like your product or your service? You’ve got a USP. So what? During this call, you can tell your buyer of all the companies that do business with you, but it’s just words. They might be picking their nose and eating it whilst talking to you and you have no idea what’s stuck and what hasn’t. (in terms of your messages, not his / her nose findings).

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