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Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis gives you a competitive edge. 


Our social media agency has the tools to listen, understand and action critical insights across the full range of social media. 


Listen. Review. Act. Succeed.



Beat The Competition With The Smart Use Of Data


We're a new breed of social media agency that uses the most cutting edge technology to give you a competitive edge in your market place. 



Powerful Insights


We identify the optimal number of hashtags and words your posts should have.  We combine this with a deep analysis of the best content strategy to support your goals and objectives. 

Opportunity Analysis


Social media data is interpreted into actionable steps and becomes the basis to improve your social media performance.

We use graphs, charts and statistics to take the guess work out of your success.

Competitor Data


We monitor your rank against your competitors on social media and track your success. KPI's are used and improved, such as engagement, comparison data and industry benchmarks.

We're Delighted To Be Helping Passionate People Achieve Big Results!


Our technology lead approach maximises your results and 



Providing payments software for the letting industry, we’re in quite a niche market. Put simply, our products make it easier for tenants to pay, and agencies to manage this process.


Not only does the Collate Systems build our followers for us, identifying a relevant target audience, they also posts content. Given the time that can be consumed managing social media day to day, this is a great asset to us.

Garrett Foxon


Collate Systems are the marketing team I’ve never had.


The set-up was painless. A questionnaire to complete. A bit of thought about my target audience, my competitors and accounts that I admire in my sector.


I’m certainly planning a few conversations about Collate Systems with my clients, armed with practical experience of how they add value to social media activities, day in day out.

Anna Metcalfe


Our systems monitor social media at a global level; tracking, listening and analysing the best performing content, competitors and stategies. 


This our competitive edge and it is your competitive advantage. 


Our technology calculates the best time of the day to post content, optimal post lengths, most successful hashtags and more. 


We turn this into action and create more engagement for you and your brand. 

Global View


Our systems montior social media locally, nationally and globally giving you the best insights and opportunities that technology can deliver. Technology combined with passion brings great success. 

Data Driven Success


Understand what types of posts and hashtags are gaining the best social media engagement. Assess your social media strategy across various engagement types - applause, conversation, and amplification.

Competitor View


We'll include your competitors and perform regular analysis. Learn which hashtags and posts are working best for your competitors and use the insights to respond quickly and adapt the strategy.

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We monitor your results at post level 

Your stategy is improved through the use of data and evidence 

We analyse the competition and broader industry for real time trends and opportunities

We are a new breed of social media agency - placing data and evidence at the heart of our approach

Our systems give us actionable insights that keep you ahead of the competition

Social strategies are adapted to respond to data lead opportunities

Detailed Analysis


We stay on top of your social data so you don't have to. Monitoring, benchmarking, keyword and hashtag analysis form the basis of our approach and your success. 





Monitor Performance

We monitor how your social followers and engagements are changing daily using line graphs.

Benchmark Your Performance

Benchmark your performance against your past data and against your competitors to plan the most successful strategy.

Reach and Engagement

See how your performance compares to the competition and understand key times to engage.

Hashtag and Keyword Analysis

Improve your strategy by seeing which hashtags are most popular with your competitors and how frequently are they using them.

Are you ready to take your social media to the next level?


There is more data than ever before available. We're a new breed of social media agency that combines cutting edge technology and smart use of data to drive performance. 



Data Driven Approach

We create competitive advantage by harnessing data and making smart decisions 

One Step Ahead 

Let us keep you one step ahead of the competition with deep analysis and understanding

Systematic Success

Our combination of technologies uses of a systematic approach to social success

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