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Direct Promotion of Services

Our service includes personalised direct messages to your connections.


One of the major benefits of our service is our ability to segment your audience. Not every connection is relevant for every marketing campaign. Our service allows for pinpoint accuracy of your direct marketing.

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Create Segments

We’ll work with you to create audience segments – key buyers, influencers, hot leads etc. This is an ongoing activity – as new connections are added to your audience, they are included in the different segments. When content is created and shared, this is a great moment to directly bring it to the attention of your audience.


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Schedule Campaigns

Once the unique segments exist we can create and schedule direct message campaigns to draw attention to your content, profile or promotions. 

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Long-term Success

We aim to deliver your long-term success. This means avoiding ‘sales’ messages immediately after making a new connection.

The approach is based on the persuasion principles of authority and scarcity.

We can include in your direct marketing rich media, such as links and images.

We have further technology that allows for tracking of link clicks and re-marketing to those who have expressed interest in your offering.


There are also best practices for direct messages suggested directly by LinkedIn which we adopt in our own approaches. These include: knowing your goals, personalising the content, keeping it short and to the point and being clear about one specific action if one is required.

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Messages should be helpful, informative and engaging. Building trust and credibility is the aim. 

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Prospects that engage back can be treated in unique ways, ensuring that the communications they receive are personal, authentic and relevant.

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Within the direct messages, we can use lead magnets and offer something for free in exchange for an action on behalf of the recipient. This can be access to a thought provoking e-book, an online guide or similar in exchange for booking in a call or even replying to the message.

Personal Brand and How To Achieve It

This is the same for the information that people will take in from your LinkedIn account. People won’t necessarily remember the data that you present them with, unless it’s directly relevant, but they will remember your personality traits, your story and your preferences. Everyone loves a story about people, emotions, events, a hero, perhaps an obstacle that was overcome.

LinkedIn Social Selling Is Here To Stay – Get Ahead!

Establish credibility & authority. Why should this person give up their time for you? Do you know how many people sell widgets like your product or your service? You’ve got a USP. So what? During this call, you can tell your buyer of all the companies that do business with you, but it’s just words. They might be picking their nose and eating it whilst talking to you and you have no idea what’s stuck and what hasn’t. (in terms of your messages, not his / her nose findings).

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