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LinkedIn marketing agency | LinkedIn b2b lead generation service | We use the process below. 


LinkedIn is the World’s single best source for b2b lead generation.


In fact, the LinkedIn mission statement (“connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”) points to this – we all become more successful if we are making more sales.

At Collate Systems we have a decade of experience in harnessing cutting edge technology to deliver amazing results. We bring together a deep understanding of how LinkedIn works, with accreditations for social selling, and getting the most out of the platform.

When we’re creating your marketing strategy for LinkedIn we utilise the full range of skills. 

The process we use for developing leads via LinkedIn is based on best practices and uses technology to accelerate the process.



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Developing leads via LinkedIn, stems from 4 key areas:


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Creating a professional brand

LinkedIn gives the opportunity for B2B buyers to get to know you and to build confidence in who you are, your service, product or proposition. As we build your audience and engage with them, we do so with your professional brand at the forefront of our minds.


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Focussing on the right opportunities

It’s important that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time. When we are directly promoting your services, we ensure that the prospects meet your target criteria. Differences in role, function and industry can all play a big part. Impressively, some 76% of buyers are ready to engage in dialogue on social media with the right vendors.


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Engaging with Insights

As we develop leads for you and your business, it is based on data, evidence and insights. We use a series of internal probability indicators to forecast who is going to be willing to engage in a telephone call or meeting with you. There are no shortcuts, although our technology vastly increases the probability of success


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Building lasting relationships

The best way to build credibility and relationships on LinkedIn is by sharing valuable insights and providing relevant information that addresses the pain points of your target audience. Our process for lead generation focusses on having genuine conversations with your target audience about the topics that matter to them

Personal Brand and How To Achieve It

This is the same for the information that people will take in from your LinkedIn account. People won’t necessarily remember the data that you present them with, unless it’s directly relevant, but they will remember your personality traits, your story and your preferences. Everyone loves a story about people, emotions, events, a hero, perhaps an obstacle that was overcome.

LinkedIn Social Selling Is Here To Stay – Get Ahead!

Establish credibility & authority. Why should this person give up their time for you? Do you know how many people sell widgets like your product or your service? You’ve got a USP. So what? During this call, you can tell your buyer of all the companies that do business with you, but it’s just words. They might be picking their nose and eating it whilst talking to you and you have no idea what’s stuck and what hasn’t. (in terms of your messages, not his / her nose findings).

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