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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring & Social Network Listening Takes You Closer To The Influencers And Stories That Matter. 


Stay aware of how your company, market, competitors, issues and topics that matter to you are being discussed in the media.


Monitor. Understand. Inlfuence. Own The Narrative. 



Our Social Media Monitoring & Social Network Listening helps you understand the social media landscape and discover the people behind the stories.


This our competitive edge and it is your competitive advantage. 


Our technology monitors the sources, keywords, people, topics, trends and more to ensure you are at the heart of the discussion. 


We use this insights to create a compelling content strategy. 

Visualised Trends


Our systems spot trends over time and produce compelling visual content reflecting public opinion and social sentiment. Understand how topics are being shared and engaged with via social media. 

Identify Influencers


With the power of our technology we take you closer the sources and journalists discussing your market place. Our data provides the opportunities to sculpt your introductions and responses.

Stay Current


Understand public opinion in real time and produce content, copy and opinion that is timely, relevant and engages with the topics that people are discussing across social media right now. 

We help you understand, interpret and influence and own the narratives in the increasingly fragmented world of online media.


Our technology tracks and listens to millions of sources every day to let you know when your organisation, competitors, market or specific phrases are used across social media. 



Monitor Media Coverage


We use data driven insights to analyse, track and enhance your social communication strategy. Our technology helps you understand opinion and shape the debate.

Discover Journalists


Our analysis highlights the journalists, authors and media sources that are discussing your market most frequently. Create new relationships with a data lead approach to outreach. 

Share Relevant Content


We monitor the stories and opinions that are gaining traction online. Our systems will share this content to establish your brand as a thought leader within your market and industry. 

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Our use of cutting edge technology sets us apart from the crowd. We're a new breed of social media agency.



Collate Systems have been an integral part of our approach to social media growth. I can't recommend them highly enough.

The knowledge, creativity and technology driven approach have proved a winning combination for us. The service from the Collate team has been great, matching a campaign to suit our budget and objectives. 


Josie Mary


Collate Systems are the marketing team I’ve never had.


The set-up was painless. A questionnaire to complete. A bit of thought about my target audience, my competitors and accounts that I admire in my sector.


I’m certainly planning a few conversations about Collate Systems with my clients, armed with practical experience of how they add value to social media activities, day in day out.

Anna Metcalfe




Millions of social sources monitored every day for your brand

Powered by an AI algorithm to find relevant stories and journalists

Establish yourself as a thought leader within your market place by producing content showing sentiment and public opinion in real time

Engage with the influencers and journalists that are discussing your market

Our technology lead approach produces visualised data and insights for your campaigns

Adapt and improve your social media strategy with current trends and media landscape changes

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Analyse What Makes The Market Move. Then Move It.


We know data.  And we use the latest technology to create opportunities to engage the market and create compelling and engaging content. 





Track Media Coverage

Let real time data guide your social media communications strategy. Base your content plan on the topics that are in public view.

Disover Journalists

Our analysis shows who is making waves in your market. Use data lead insights to take you closer to the influencers within your sphere.

Data Lead Approach

With millions of sources of data available, it's beyond human capability to stay on top of it all. Let our systems take the strain.

Produce Timely Content

By understanding what's happening across social media we can produce content plans that reflect the mood of the public.

Are you ready to take your social media to the next level?


There is more social data than ever before available. We're a new breed of social media agency that combines cutting edge technology and smart use of data to drive performance. 



Data Driven Approach

We create competitive advantage by harnessing data and making smart decisions 

One Step Ahead 

Let us keep you one step ahead of the competition with deep analysis and understanding

Systematic Success

Our combination of technologies uses of a systematic approach to social success

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