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Social Selling

A LinkedIn lead generation strategy has social selling at it’s core. LinkedIn b2b marketing is made possible with social selling.

Social selling is a key part of a LinkedIn lead generation service.


Collate Systems accelerate the process of social selling through our in-house technology systems that allow us to leverage public databases, profile your target audience, engage them in meaningful ways and increase the levels of engagement and opportunity.

Social selling is about harnessing your LinkedIn network to find the right prospects, build valuable relationships, and achieve your sales goals. Social selling enables better lead generation and sales prospecting because it eliminates the need for cold calling. Creating and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer both trust.

The main barriers to success that people face are time, consistency and skill. If you had a clear 20-30 hours spare per week, you would begin to identify leads and opportunities from LinkedIn directly. However, the chances are high that you do not have this amount of spare time.


This is where Collate Systems step in.

Our approach brings together accreditations from LinkedIn directly, along with our own technology platforms to create the most sophisticated and authentic approach to LinkedIn lead generation and relationship building.



Our approach is the equivalent of adding a permanent full time member of staff on your LinkedIn sales activity. We contribute between 30-40 hours of productivity a week.


Once instructed, you can rest assured that there is activity occurring on your account week in, week out, regardless of whether you personally have the time to deliver it.


LinkedIn can be a complex platform. We are accredited by LinkedIn for getting the most from the platform and understand the steps needed to optimise your probability of success. We have completed the training and courses in order to bring you the best possible results.

Our proprietary technology allows us to dramatically accelerate the process of building your professional brand, identifying the best opportunities, making decisions based on insights and data, and building lasting and meaningful relationships with key decision makers.

Personal Brand and How To Achieve It

This is the same for the information that people will take in from your LinkedIn account. People won’t necessarily remember the data that you present them with, unless it’s directly relevant, but they will remember your personality traits, your story and your preferences. Everyone loves a story about people, emotions, events, a hero, perhaps an obstacle that was overcome.

LinkedIn Social Selling Is Here To Stay – Get Ahead!

Establish credibility & authority. Why should this person give up their time for you? Do you know how many people sell widgets like your product or your service? You’ve got a USP. So what? During this call, you can tell your buyer of all the companies that do business with you, but it’s just words. They might be picking their nose and eating it whilst talking to you and you have no idea what’s stuck and what hasn’t. (in terms of your messages, not his / her nose findings).

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