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Top 5 Ways to Use Your Explainer Videos on Social Media: Content marketing isn’t just about churning out great text. It’s essential for website owners and online businesses to keep their customers and prospective consumers interested by keeping things exciting.

Thanks to Explainer Videos, this is possible. It turns out, around 77% of viewers watch an Explainer Video for two minutes because visual media is always preferred over text. Also, videos are always more enjoyable and interactive.

So what are the best ways to use Explainer Videos on social media to increase traffic towards your brand?

1.     Screencasting Videos

Let’s start with Screen casting videos which are becoming increasingly popular. Creators can capture exactly what’s happening on their computer screens in real-time, edit the quality, and upload it.

And the best part about screencasts is that they work well for tutorials for gaming and coding videos, and require just a simple browser plug-in or extension to work.

2.     3D Animations

There are some 3D videos out there and these are one of the best ways to utilise Explainer Videos on social media. They provide a multidimensional view of the subject and are created using simple CGI and/or animations.

It’s a brilliant format to use, especially for product reviews, property viewing and even mini virtual tours of famous museums and clubs!

3.     Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion Videos use around 800 photos to make a one minute video, stop motion videos are a super cool way to utilise Explainer Videos on your social media.

These can consist of digital animations or can even be hand-drawn, and make great nostalgic videos, especially if a brand is looking to recount their journey into the market and so on.

4.     Animation Videos

Cartoons aren’t just for kids! Like the TED-Ed videos that the TedX Institute is famous for, cartoon videos are visually attractive, can have a voice over and also be used to explain complex topics in a simple way. These are very popular and create a young feel for any brand.

They give a brand the opportunity to seem user-friendly. Brands can also copyright certain animations as their own.

5.     Whiteboard Videos

You’ll recognise these in an instant. Mostly popular with educational video channels and one of the best ways to use Explainer Videos on social media with the whiteboard format – nostalgic, exciting, and definitely creative.

You’ll find they’re easy and fun to create and are a great way to impart complex information like tough mathematical equations, financial details, serious climate-related topics, or any other public education topics.

Explainer Videos are one of the most efficient marketing strategies that a brand can use to increase their conversion rates and up their traffic numbers. Besides, Explainer Videos are short, fun, and easily shareable – and social media is all about viral, spreadable information!

If you’re looking for professional advice on how to make the best and most costs effective Explainer Videos for social media, get in touch with us today to know more!


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